Thoughts about songs on a quiet Sunday

Having a rare relaxing Sunday at home and reflecting about the music I love the most and the irony that I was born in the year rock and roll 'officially' began and the year that Alec Wilder unkindly said 'After that, the amateurs took over!'.

 One of my gifts is a fantastic book written by Ben Yagonda called 'The B-side: the rebirth of the Great American song'. A pianist I love called Bill Charlap says of the song 'Just in Time' written by Styne/Comden/Green :
'standard songs are sophisticated and melodic, constructed with superior craftsmanship and sometimes remarkable innovation and artistry. 'Just in Time' has an innate sense of structure. There are rests, points of emphasis and overall balance and taste. It's so pliable and very American'. It's time to play some standards on my lovely piano!