Japanese Concert Tour

A photo taken at Kofu's 'Cotton Club' by Watanabe-san.

We've finished our Japanese tour now. It was quite intense with only one day off.

We played typical Japanese Jazz 'Live houses' or jazz clubs to dedicated and new fans. Some fans had every CD we've ever made and were waiting for us to sign.

We do love playing Japan and can't wait until the next tour!



Photo of our promoter today wearing a vintage Japan railways cap!

We've had a lovely sunny bright day in Kokura.

Just getting ready for the gig tonight at 'Twilight' Max Audio Kokura

A New Fan!

My name is Katsuhiko Kawahara. I'm a fan of  yours. After reading an article

South Coast Tour

Some pics from Paynesville Wine Bar.

Far Away Places Now Available Online

Also available on Itunes. (In Japan Itunes will be available on the 26th September)

For Overseas orders, the CD is still being discounted to you until the 31st October 2013.

The retail cost is $22AU (instead of $25) and postage will be $10AU.

Please go to 'store' http://janetseidel.com/store


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