Lovely Review

Carolyn McDowell wrote recently:

Peggy Lee wowed the crowd wherever she performed especially from the early 1940’s to the 70’s, recording right up until the early 90’s. Lee just loved ‘great songs’ no matter the source, and Janet Seidel certainly did her proud.

Wonderful Rode Microphones

These wonderful microphones are proudly endorsed by the Janet Seidel Trio.

Our next CD will use them.

Rode NT 2000 (beautiful protective case and shock mount)

Matched pair NTR ribbon microphones on the piano

Thoughts About Songs On A Quiet Sunday

Having a rare relaxing Sunday at home and reflecting about the music I love the most and the irony that I was born in the year rock and roll 'officially' began and the year that Alec Wilder unkindly said 'After that, the amateurs took over!'.

Shanghai Trip

The trio had a fantastic time in Shanghai doing a special concert at a super high-end audio show at the biggest convention centre we've ever seen.

We were wined and dined in true style by our promoters Evie and Connie. They are amazing women doing good business in a male dominated industry. Big thanks to Lucie and Crystal and their team and all the hard work they did.

A Satisfied Mail Order Customer

We're delighted to get emails from fans who have managed to order online for the first time.

Wagga Wagga 2013 Festival

Photo courtesy of Kay Sharples (who took the XPT Train from Melbourne to be with us) of the last session at the 2013 Wagga Wagga Jazz Festival.

The trio was joined by famous Sydney reeds-man Paul Furniss and we played a song from 'Far Away Places' called 'Suzukage No Michi': a lovely Japanese song we love!

Thanks to everyone at the Festival and the wonderful Quest apartments. Very stylish and comfortable.


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